Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom?

remodeling your bathroom

There are moments in our life that we realize that our house needs some reform to adapt it to the new times or simply to make it more functional. Within this world of renovations the bathroom is usually one of the parts of the house that most changes suffer. When making changes in the bathroom it seeks to improve the benefits but also reduce the expense mainly in water.

remodeling your bathroom

Changing the bathtub by a shower tray is usually one of the most demanded solutions. With this fact we managed to optimize the space while at the same time obtaining a series of advantages that bathtubs cannot provide us. The question is which shower dish is the most suitable? Today we want to talk about resin shower trays and the advantages they can offer.

What are Resin Shower Trays?

Most of us are accustomed to dealing with porcelain shower trays or acrylics. Currently they are the most used materials. Little by little, they are losing market in favor of shower trays of resin. These dishes are characterized by being made of a mixture of resins and pressed minerals. This makes them more resistant materials than fiberglass or acrylic. To all this must be added that they are composed of an impermeable material and can choose from various textures such as natural slate or natural stone.

All of the above allows creating a wide range of resin shower trays manufactured using the latest generation techniques that provide greater resistance to impacts flexing and durability. There are many models but we will highlight three that have attracted much attention in portal. These shower trays are characterized by a contemporary style and minimalist cut accentuated by the use of straight lines, giving rise to unique and very comfortable spaces. The dishes have a thickness of 3 cm providing a wide range of standard colors to which must be added the possibility to customize them according to RAL. For greater security, it has a non-slip system type C3, antibacterial system and high resistance.

Shower Tray stone texture resin

This second type stands out for offering a very refined naturalness of the purest minerals. They are designed for all those who look for bathrooms in a sober but elegant style. Like the previous case, it has a wide range of colors and the possibility to customize it according to RAL.