Create open spaces in the kitchen

The benefits of an integrated kitchen in the living room or open to the dining room are important. Winning in comfort and in turn in amplitude can be the definitive solution. When we find narrow kitchens in which only one wall side can be furnished. It is fundamental to be able to open them to another space in which the environments meet and create areas that are more comfortable. The options are easy without our pocket to tremble much, although a reform carries certain unavoidable expenses. We suggest several suggestions for this decorative decision.

spaces in the kitchen

Having a kitchen open to the living room saves us doors and the closing and opening of these or moving us the house from one room to another. The current trend in interior design is to unify these rooms by creating an area for different purposes. Everything is comfort when in the same area the family joins and becomes life in common. Continue reading “Create open spaces in the kitchen”

Ideas to renovate your house without doing works

It is possible that you are thinking of renovating your house. That you are leaving for later because of the lack of budget because you think that if you cannot invest you can not renew and this is not so you will simply have to sharpen the ingenuity empower Your creativity so that your house has a new style without the need to throw partitions. Taking into account the walls, floor and some accessories will be more than enough.

renovate your house

The walls of a room are the soul of it so it is very important that you know how to decorate them. Do you have them in white and have you bored? You must know that the colors have a direct influence on the mood of the people so it is advisable to choose colors according to the style you want to have in your rooms and take into account that depending on each one of them you must choose a color or another. You can also choose wallpaper what makes you feel better! Continue reading “Ideas to renovate your house without doing works”

How Color Psychology Can Make a Home Happier

If you are often stressed in your living room or have trouble falling asleep in your room, I have some good news it may not be you. It may just be time to reconsider the color on the walls. Color can affect our emotional state. While there are no set rules for the tone you should have in your room, the color you choose should match the tone you want to set. Is the kitchen your space to cook and meditate? Use soft tones and pastels. Does your entertainment area need life? Use bright red stripes.

Color Psychology

Entrance door

If you want to celebrate: Enter unexpected bursts of color here and there in the form of orange polka dots to put your guests in the mood to celebrate as they enter the door. If you want a calmer environment use neutral and white grays. In a lobby leading to saturated color spaces the contrast will attract visitors to the next room. Continue reading “How Color Psychology Can Make a Home Happier”

Tropical style ideas to welcome the spring

Do you feel like winter is over and the new shiny station make its appearance? Every day that passes in this luminous month of March seems to get a little closer to the good weather and the much-desired spring. Moreover, is that although there are still days cold and gray the winter is giving its last twitches.

Tropical style deco ideas

It happens to me. Every year when the month of March begins, I am already looking forward to having the stellar spring make its appearance. When the month is ending, those desires become a real yearning. I need the good weather already. I need the most flowery station of the year to arrive now to stay. To brighten the wait, here are some suggestions of decoration that will help you put a special air at home. This way you can receive the spring, as it deserves. Continue reading “Tropical style ideas to welcome the spring”

Living in the winter this makes it warm

In winter it is the best inside. With these residential ideas you can now conjure up a warm and cozy atmosphere in no time. A crackling fire steaming tea and a good book nothing more is needed for the perfect afternoon in January with the exception of a few cozy living ideas. If you like your straight-lined built-in fireplace but you do not want to miss rustic accents you have to install a decorative beam on the wall of the fireplace. Looks quaint and offers lots of storage space.

Living in the winter

Sure, light is the key to defying dark days. Sometimes, however, it may be a little more than just candlelight for example this snowy mini-landscape in the lantern. All you need for this are stumped ornaments some cones animal porcelain figures artificial snow and ribbon. Continue reading “Living in the winter this makes it warm”

Fireplace and tiled stove for home

From electric tiled storage rooms to modern technology, we have more experience in the fireplace and tiled stove. The technology introduced in 2008 is the culmination of the development of low-pollutant and environmentally friendly chimneys and stoves. We developed this technology in close collaboration with the. The impressive result from this cooperation is up to 40% less wood consumption compared to conventional fires with the same heat output.

fire protection systems

Fit for the future

Another focus is becoming increasingly important is the integration of fireplaces in the central heating system. The secret of success lies in the control of the different heat generators and their combination. Here, we can rightly claim to have created a perfect symbiosis. Modern tube collectors in combination with a water-bearing chimney insert supplement the heating system and provide a cost effective and future proof energy mix. Continue reading “Fireplace and tiled stove for home”

Decorating trends winter 2016-2017

Perhaps now you are focused on your home decor for Christmas 2016, but you cannot forget that after the holidays, there will still be much winter ahead. Therefore, it is important that you get abreast of the trends of the moment in decoration so you can make your house continues to be fashionable.

Logically, it is not necessary to change the decor of your home completely each time you start each season. Yes, yes we recommend making small changes to those ratitos you spend at home (in winter are more abundant), you can be as comfortable as possible. To lend a hand, we will explain what the decorative trends that will prevail during the coldest months of the year are. Would you like to join us?

2017 winter trends


How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about the colors, as I have said on numerous occasions, have much influence on our mood. In addition, they are able to change the perception of space. The first thing to know is that the combination black-white will remain trend. Continue reading “Decorating trends winter 2016-2017”

Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace

When winter approaches, the fireplace becomes the great protagonist of the decoration, the living room, bedroom or dining room. The fireplace is a privilege that is not available to all households, because to have it at home must meet certain requirements. Among them, we need a vent.

If you want to boast fireplaces, but without making works, we give you the keys that you need to know. Discover how to create and decorate a fake fireplace, as stylish as cozy.

A framework fireplace and lots of imagination

To create a faux fireplace only need a stack frame that we must place against the wall of any room, in the living room, the bedroom or dining room.

In specialized stores you will find a wide variety of frames and chimney liners, which need neither work nor any installation. As simple as placing this frame built into the wall and then decorates it as we want.

decorating a fake fireplace

Candles and more candles

Already have placed the frame on the wall? In that case it is time to decorate our faux fireplace. If you want to imitate a real fireplace in we recommend placing inside a group of candles of different sizes. Continue reading “Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace”

Tiles to renovate the stairs

If your stairs are old or have become somewhat outdated and needed a new look, here is a simple, easy and economical way to give it a more modern.

The stairs are the absolute protagonists of a house that has them. First thing that attracts attention on entering the home or stay where you are. That is why the decoration of the stairs is very important.

here are infinite possibilities within your power to renew the stairs. Possibilities are ranging from simple ideas to complicated and expensive works. What propose here is a simple idea, easy to implement and also economical.


The idea is basically to renew the stairs decorating them with beautiful and colorful tiles. Tiles will be placed only on the front of the steps. Continue reading “Tiles to renovate the stairs”