How to Make a vegetable garden

The vast majority of people lives in environments urban and has virtually no contact with the natural environment. Therefore, more and more people decide to create a garden at home to put some green in their lives. But do not you think you have a garden at home only represents an escape route against the asphalt, but offers a lot of benefits: it allows us to know the life cycle of the plant, a valuable educational resource for children; It provides healthy, tasty and nutritious food; It allows us to be more responsible consumers; It helps us fight stress, worries, pollution and noise…

Fortunately, nowadays grow at home is available to everyone, even those who have to settle for living in a home with few square meters. To lend a hand, today we will tell you how to make a garden at home. Would you like to join us?

make a vegetable garden


For gardening in the garden, terrace or balcony home it is essential to have a place with direct light. It is best to orient the garden to the south or southeast. Of course, you need to decide the type of crop depending on the insolation conditions and climate of the place in which you live. Once you have decided the plants that you are growing, you must choose the area where you are going to plant, defining the space and contributing to soil organic fertilizers. Continue reading “How to Make a vegetable garden”