Practical systems to hang curtains at home

They tint the light that comes in from the outside help us to preserve our privacy and hide the views when they are not evocative but quite the opposite. The curtains are an element that is essential in many occasions. Today we tell you how you can hang curtains in your windows following different systems.

curtains at home

Hang bar inspire curtains

We would all like to have in our living room a large window overlooking the sea. However, if we live in ordinary and gritty urban enclaves, the most common is that from our windows you can see streets, avenue and city spaces. To hide them, it is best to hang curtains that hide the views when they are not pleasant. Continue reading “Practical systems to hang curtains at home”

How to Upholster Your Bed Headboard

The bedroom is always more elegant if our bed has a headboard you will see that if you do not have one. You put one you will capture all the eyes of all those people who see your bedroom. The result can be very different depending on the fabric you use but this has to adapt to the decoration of your bedroom.

How to Upholster

Remove the headboard from your bed or buy a wood that makes the dimensions of the width of the bed or a little more. So that it comes out on both sides of your bed and make it look bigger. Mark the measurements above the foam. These have to be the same as those of the table plus five centimeters on each side of the table. It has to be bigger than the table where we are going to put it because the foam has to cover a whole face of the table and a piece of the opposite side as if it embraced the board. Continue reading “How to Upholster Your Bed Headboard”

Modern house facade and design

Designing a modern two-store house where the upper volume seems to float in the air this bold design is due to the complex configuration of the terrain height difference of almost 4 meters which makes the main entrance is on the second floor for with an atypical solution.

Modern house

Contemporary house facade volume

The second level has a significant float to achieve it had to do counterweight in the bases. This house is surrounded by an excellent landscape which allows the architect to orient the visuals in virtually any direction taking into account the sunny and air direction for the placement of exterior windows and doors. Modern house elevation located on a slope. Due to the unevenness of the ground due to its location on the hill it had to be made the main access on the second floor. Continue reading “Modern house facade and design”

Ideas for decorating with blankets and plaids

The plaid or blanket is a real must-have of the season autumn-winter. Warm, comfortable, stylish and incredibly versatile, the plaid our star becomes part to be comfortable at home during the coldest months of the year.

Now, did you know that the plaid can become a great ally of the decor? Here, we want to share with you some important tips to help you decorate with plaids, where and how to place them?

Details to be considered

First of all, there are some important issues that we must consider. The first is the design and color. That is, our plaid should combine with the decor of the room in which it is located. This is integrating this add to the look of the room, taking into account both the pattern and color.

decorating with blanketsAnd secondly, we must consider also the fabric of our plaid. If we will use much we should have a plaid made from a strong material, but also soft and hypoallergenic, such as cotton, alpaca wool… While if we will use rarely, and its use will be primarily aesthetic, then we can use other fibers such as synthetic or natural fabrics more delicate.

In dormitory

You already know what plaid wants? Then it’s time to decorate with him. In the bedroom, we can place at the foot of the bed several plaids in different styles that combine together, like a ladder. You can choose complementary colors or the same color but in different shades. Avoid prints and opt for sleek designs that are easier to combine.

Another possibility is to place a neatly folded plaid on the sidewalk, at the foot of the bed. Or we can cover the lower half of the bed with a plaid whose design matches the rest of the textiles. If we choose a darker colored linens, we will win in textures and create elegant color contrasts.

In a reading corner

If you have a reading corner with a comfortable armchair, do not hesitate to place a folded plaid on one of the armrests. The trick? Choose a color that harmonizes with the decor and integrates with the rest of the environment. For example, a plaid the same color as the cushions, the carpet or drapes.

Another option is to let it fall gently footrest or small stool next to our comfortable chair. This casual look is usually quite difficult to achieve, but gives life to spaces.

In baskets made of natural fibers

Natural fiber baskets have become a must-have, all the modern decor. Great order solutions also help us to decorate. Therefore, we recommend placing in plaids in rattan baskets, wicker, etc. You can fill a basket with several perfectly rolled plaids, next to the couch, chair or bed.

In the classroom

Another favorite place of plaids and blankets is the living room. Here we have endless possibilities. One of our favorites is to use the plaid to cover the sofa seats, although this will need a large blanket.

Thus, besides protecting the couch everyday use, we give a touch of style that helps us to renew the decor. Although you can also place the plaid on the armrest of the sofa or even on the back. A casual look, but very cozy and elegant.

Keys to decorate my first home

At last the time has come that we were waiting for: our first house. Do you feel that sense of independence, that excitement of starting a new stage of your life? We want to go with you right now and that is why we have selected some ideas that can help you when decorating your first home.

It is an interesting project, but also quite stressful. We want to make things simple and that is why we have set ourselves the following question: what should I consider when decorating my first house? Here are the answers.

Cheap is expensive

First of all, we want to remind you of a famous saying: cheap is expensive. Decorate the first home is a project that involves effort and, most often, a significant outlay of money.

decorate my first home

Even though we have not had to work, whether we like it or not, we’ll have to spend some money. Therefore, We recommend investing in high – quality furniture, especially suffer the most routine of everyday life. We are referring for example to the couch, the bed frame with mattress and major appliances (washing machine, refrigerator …). Continue reading “Keys to decorate my first home”

Things to consider before reform the house

Reforming the whole house is a very important change, in addition to a large investment of money. Therefore, we must take into account many diverse aspects.

We want to help make your reform a success and so share with you some things you should consider. So grab a pencil and paper and notes of things to consider before reform the house.

Work permit

First of all, we must bear in mind the rules of our community of neighbors and town hall. Especially if it is a major reform. Remember that you will have to pay certain taxes and fees construction.

home reform

In this sense, it would be interesting to communicate our reform to the residents, in order to avoid problems. If it is a major reform and doubt, it is best to have a technical or expert to deal with all the formalities.

Distribution of spaces

Before getting down to work, it is interesting to note the type of rooms that will reform and distribution of each. That is, have you considered changing the order of the rooms? If you find it possible, it might be interesting to do. Continue reading “Things to consider before reform the house”

5 Mistakes to decorate with rugs

Carpets are a classic decor. Besides adding warmth to the rooms, carpets decorate, renew the look of the rooms and put a touch of color. We all have a carpet at home; some serve a practical function and other help however we put the touch of style. Decorate with rugs seems easy, but despite everything we usually make some mistakes that detract from the beauty and functionality to these parts. Therefore, we want to share with you the most common mistakes when decorating with rugs.

1. Do not focus carpet

Decoration experts remind us that carpets should always be centered about something. For example, with the front door, with coffee table lounge, with desk or the couch.

In this sense, it also should be noted that the carpet should be neither too far nor too close to the wall. Experts recommend us to maintain a distance of about 2 meters, approximately.

decorate with rugs

2. Choose a carpet too large

The first thing to be clear is that the furniture and accessories seem smaller when we see them in the store. Have you ever happened to you? Like a piece of furniture trade it seemed small, but then at home occupies more surface area and has more volume than you imagined. Continue reading “5 Mistakes to decorate with rugs”