DIY tips to save energy this winter

Tips for saving energy and having an efficient home abound in the network. However, all too often these recommendations focus on the choice of appliances and lighting, or the use we must give our air conditioning system. What can we do if we want to make our home truly efficient from a constructive point of view?

DIY tips to save energy

Today we are going to talk precisely about how we can make our home and not only is what inside it efficient which will not only help us save money, but also provide us with the great satisfaction of having a home more respectful of the environment. Continue reading “DIY tips to save energy this winter”

The best lights for the bedroom

It is no secret that the bedroom needs a special light that helps us to create a welcoming atmosphere that invites relaxation. However, in some specific places, such as dressing area or desk, we need a point light and strong enough to illuminate this environment.

We know the importance of a well – lit interior, both aesthetics and comfort, and we want to share with you some tricks expert on how to light the bedroom. The light was made!

Sconces or hanging lamps on each side of the bed

One of the most important areas of the bedroom is the two sides of the bed, where small tables are. This small furniture are two very important support. They left our most intimate accessories to avoid giving rides in the middle of the night for a glass of water or that novel you’re reading to catch sleep.

best bedroom lighting

But also in the bedside lamps they are also usually desktop. These two areas are very important in the bedroom for special occasions, such as whether we often read in bed or we flip through a magazine Sunday morning before getting up and face the day. Continue reading “The best lights for the bedroom”