Tips for Placing Wallpapers

Installing wallpaper is fast comfortable and easy. You can do it either but we will be much better if we follow the advice offered by the most experienced brands in the field of wall coverings. Uses a synthetic reactants dissolved in water to boot comfortably the wallpaper old. Apply generously and evenly. Leave it to work for 15 minutes before starting to remove the old paper.

Placing Wallpapers

Choose the right type of wallpaper for your wall. The vinyl ones are resistant and highly recommended for stays with much traffic like the corridors. Vinyl’s can be washed very easily and are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Foamed or embossed however, are ideal for surfaces with imperfections or irregularities. Continue reading “Tips for Placing Wallpapers”

Ways to remodel a house to make it modern

We are going to see some ways to remodel our house to become modern. We will know the designs and architectural styles of contemporary structures that will allow making the necessary changes in the facade and the interior of the house. As well as the domestic equipment to have a house that goes along with the times that runs.

remodel a house

Straight lines of design, constructive elements like the stone wood and exposed brick in the facade roof semi plane. Houses that are loaded with unnecessary adornments have already gone out of fashion modern houses are characterized by having a “clean” design of simple lines. We could even consider them as minimalist style where less is more. In interior design you can also use this concept choose simple furniture and construction finishes with simple designs. Continue reading “Ways to remodel a house to make it modern”

By the big door: keys to a well-used lobby

The bad thing about first impressions is that we can only have one. Something that also happens with the decoration of the house. The entrance or entrance is the letter of introduction of our house; therefore, we must not neglect it, since it says a lot about us.

The problem is that the receivers are usually small and dark environments, difficult to decorate. To help you, we have selected some ideas of experts in interior design and decoration that could help you to get a hall well used.

lobby decoration ideas

The shape of the hall

Before you, start decorating the hall must take into account the shape of this space (rectangular, elongated, square …). It is about finding the perfect layout that allows us to take advantage of all the space.

If it helps, you can draw a small plane on paper that will allow you to locate all those corners and areas especially difficult to decorate. Think about what kind of furniture or accessory will make up for you more in each area of the hall. An umbrella stand, a console, a coat rack, a bench or a…?

Delimits the space

It is clear that distribution is of vital importance in any environment of the house but above all, in the hall. Often the entrance or the hall usually shares space with other rooms, such as the hall, the living room or the dining room, so we must properly delimit these environments.

A highly recommended complement in this environment is the carpet. It allows us to protect the floor of the entrance, prevents dirt from home, it brings warmth and well decorated with style.

Illuminates the hall

Another aspect of great importance in the hall is the lighting. This space is usually quite small and dark, compared to other rooms in the house. Therefore, we should play well with light, placing different points of light throughout the hall, especially in those areas that need more attention because they are virtually in the dark or because they are the most used. For example, the entrance mirror, the bench, the coat rack, the closet…

Furthermore, if we win warmth in the hall with the help of light, a good idea is directed toward the ceiling fixtures. Screen lamps are also another great solution as they provide warmer lighting.

Without resorting to lamps, many other tricks help us gain light in a dark hall. Some good ideas that can inspire you are the furniture with mirror effect, the glass doors, light colors and mirrors located at points that reflect light (artificial or natural).

Choose practical and multifunctional parts

The multifunctional furniture is basic in the decoration of the hall. For example, a practical bench space inside storage. Another element that should not be missing in this environment is the coat rack, whether standing or wall.

Nor should we lose sight of the cobblers, perfect to organize and prevent dirt from entering the house. In addition, we can use this unit to place other very practical accessories in the hall: the. This piece is useful to leave the keys when you get home, correspondence … And last but not least, it is an accessory that decorates.

As far as distribution is concerned, it is important that when placing each of these elements leave enough space to be able to move throughout the environment. The experts in decoration recommend us leave about 90 centimeters free to be able to move without problems.