White kitchen connected to the living room

Today we enter a house in which spaces are fused discreetly open and natural. There is a clear renunciation of accessory elements, relying all on the beauty of furniture defined by the purity of lines a good example. On this simplicity are laid the foundations of a harmonious and serene environment, designed to succeed or overlap, moments of intense task with others of leisure and disconnection.

kitchen connected to the living room

The absence of visual obstacles favors the interaction between users who can share moments even when they do not share the same zone. It also promotes natural light access to the last corner of the plantĀ consisting of kitchen living room and dining room. The white color dominates the interior and reinforces this factor generating a light and ethereal atmosphere in which it is very easy to put aside the haste and the stress. Here the only important thing is to be at ease to enjoy in company of what is done in every moment even when what is done is to work. Continue reading “White kitchen connected to the living room”

Homemade Cleansers to Make Your Kitchen Glow

Say goodbye to aggressive cleaning agents and welcome natural sprays that are just as effective (if not better) at removing dirt and grime. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own kitchen cleaning products using some simple products you already have at home.

Homemade Cleansers

Baking soda: Used to clean and deodorize surfaces. Soap of Castile it is a soap of vegetal origin and based of oil used as a natural cleaning agent. Citrus: The shells of oranges, lemons and grapefruits have a natural property called limonene which helps to cut through oily residue and leave your home with a fresh and clean smell. These products are not only safe and effective but they also save you money especially for those who are on a budget. Continue reading “Homemade Cleansers to Make Your Kitchen Glow”

Tips for Reforming the Kitchen

If you want to reform the kitchen and you do not know very well what aspects to take into account, read on and I will tell you the most important for the changes to be a success. Reforming the kitchen is almost essential in many cases especially if the floor is old, as it should be modernized to adapt to the new times. Embarking on this project can be very tedious and cause a great investment, but certainly worth it as the results will be spectacular and you can enjoy them for many years.

Reforming the Kitchen

Reforming the kitchen

If you know how to choose each thing and what aspects you should keep in mind to get it right, you will certainly be able to reform the kitchen with success. It is important to organize the project well in order to spend as little as possible, especially when large electricity or plumbing works. Continue reading “Tips for Reforming the Kitchen”

How to Decorate Small Kitchens

If we had to choose a space of the house as the most difficult to decorate, we would undoubtedly choose the kitchen. Unlike other rooms in the house, technical issues limit the decoration and distribution of the kitchen.

Therefore, taking advantage of every available meter is not always easy. Anyway, we want to help and so we present a series of ideas to help you optimize small kitchens s, without compromising on aesthetics.

decorate small kitchens

Distribute and conquer

Before choosing the furniture and choosing the colors and the style, we must have clear distribution. This is essential to optimize space to the maximum. In addition, for this, we must take into account the shape of the kitchen (square, rectangular, elongated …). Continue reading “How to Decorate Small Kitchens”

The light was made! Ideas for a brighter kitchen

Although difficult to believe, small details often make the difference and make important changes. Something that we can perfectly apply to the world of decoration.

For example, did you know that with small and simple gestures we can gain light in the kitchen, without having to do works or introduce more lamps and points of light in the environment? If you want to discover how to decorate a bright kitchen, takes good note.

Blinds and curtains

Without resorting to artificial light, natural is the great ally when it comes to decorating a bright kitchen. Therefore, We suggest giving greater prominence to the windows.

brighter kitchen

To take full advantage of natural light, nothing better than opting for blinds. We can regulate them and adapt them to our needs, allowing more or less light to pass through the windows. Continue reading “The light was made! Ideas for a brighter kitchen”