How to take advantage of windows

The windows are our link with the outside. In addition to filling light inside our house, the windows also flood of life and beauty spaces. Although at first glance may be easy to decorate the house windows, there are actually a few tricks to keep in mind to maximize this space. Discover how to take advantage of home windows.

Windows with light or dark

The windows connect us with the outside brightness and fill our spaces. But what can we do when through them barely light enters? Then dress her stylish to highlight this space. Perhaps a double curtain, decorative curtain holders, blinds…

advantage of windows

But if the window comes lots of light, a good trick is to paint decorative wall a somewhat dark and white joinery details. The result is a color contrast that oozes style.

Large windows or small

If the window is large you can place a double glass that insulates the house from cold and heat, both summer and winter. In addition to the large amount of light that enters them, large windows have another important advantage: they are incredibly decorative. Therefore, we can allow them the luxury of recharging and decorate with lots of details, such as with a nice wooden frame. Continue reading “How to take advantage of windows”