Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas

We days watching thoughts to create a beautiful Christmas decorations. We know how to do it in the dining room and even in the basement, but one of the most important places is the hall, since it is the first thing visitors see when they come to our house to celebrate Christmas. Today I bring several proposals to dress the entrance of your home in a special and cozy way. Note that it’s Christmas.

The decorative style chosen

The first thing I propose is that your receiver follow the decorative style chosen for the rest of the house. That is consistent with other ornaments. For example, if you bet a Nordic Christmas at the entrance of the house, you can put details in white and some wood, for example, or if you go by what industry, you can put metal objects that serve as a preview of the rest those things you see inside.

christmas hall decoration ideas

Christmas tree in the lobby

Although it is customary to place the Christmas tree in the living room, a way to welcome your visits is doing it with a tree installed in the hall. If you have little room can be a small one, you can put up the furniture you have in the entrance, for example. In addition, if you have more space you can put even a large one below fit all the gifts…. Continue reading “Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas”

Christmas decoration in silver

Have you not still your home decorated for Christmas 2016? Well, the best you can do is be very attentive to what we tell you then! In addition, today let us focus on one of the colors typical of this time of year also is gaining more and more popularity. We are referring to silver, which will help you give your home a touch of glamor and elegance.

As we will tell you in more detail below, silver is a very versatile color that can blend seamlessly with many other colors. In addition, although the ideal is to introduce in the rooms in small doses, you can base your Christmas decorations in this color. We want to give you some tips and ideas to achieve a silver Christmas decorations. In addition, using the occasion, we will show you many images that you can serve as inspiration. Would you like to join us?

christmas decorations

Silver Christmas trees

The first thing we say is that today you can find in the market Christmas trees come with leaves in shades silver . Yes! Yes! As you are reading! Therefore, if you spend this year opting for the typical green tree and white trees not convince you, you can be a fantastic idea that will probably go for this option. Under these lines you two examples of what you just commenting. Continue reading “Christmas decoration in silver”

Decorating ideas to shelter the house in winter

Winter is coming, and if you do not want to catch you by surprise, you’d better start sheltering the house and protect areas of low temperatures. Textiles are very important in any season, but especially during the winter.

In addition to decorating, textiles help us renew the decoration, give splashes of color and style for home fashion and, of course, harbor environments that are much more warm and welcoming. If you want to avoid colds, notes our decorating ideas to shelter the house during the winter.

Household linen thick fabrics like wool and

It is clear, textiles are essential in a house warm. Therefore, we recommend the linen with thick wool and long hair. In addition to insulate the house from the cold, decorate and manage the resulting spaces more welcoming. If you want to win in style, try prints trend as the geometric print, exotic arabesque art.

ideas to shelter the house in winter

Upholstered harboring

Another great idea to protect the house from harsh winter, especially if we live in very cold climates, is to opt for cushy upholstered with especially soft to the touch tissues. The chenille, alpaca wool, velvet, point, mohair and pile fabrics are great choices for our furniture upholstery. Continue reading “Decorating ideas to shelter the house in winter”

Ecological systems and efficient heating

It’s true what they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, before thermometers begin to fall and cold winter makes an appearance at home, it is better to have a good heating system if we want to enjoy a cozy and warm home.

We present some ecological systems and efficient heating that will help combat the cold. Since pellet stoves to fireplaces, find the solution that best suits your needs.

ecological systems

Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves are one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient ways to enjoy a warm and cozy home solutions. These stoves are a revolution in heating systems as they use fuels 100% renewable manufactured from plant waste. So they help lower CO2 emissions. Continue reading “Ecological systems and efficient heating”

Decorate a party in black and white

When organizing a party, whether for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween or any other kind of celebration, it is very important that you consider the decor, as in the first to be set your guests will be in the elements decorative. Moreover, a first impression of your party, you already know that is what counts, depending on the decoration of the place will be. Therefore, you must choose the colors thoroughly.

The main thing is that you probably go for color combinations that fit with what you want to represent. So, if you want to question an elegant and sophisticated party, an excellent option is to opt for white and black, a combination that never goes out of fashion and that can deliver fantastic results. Today we give some ideas to decorate a party black & white. Would you like to join us?

party decorations black and white

All kinds of parties

As I just discussed, white and black are two colors to decorate parties recommended, especially if you want to achieve a simple but elegant atmosphere. Although you can use only these two colors, you can also include strokes in other vibrant hues. In any case, the important thing is to find enough details in these two colors for decoration party do not seem boring. Even the invitations for your guests will be themed black & white. Continue reading “Decorate a party in black and white”