Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas

We days watching thoughts to create a beautiful Christmas decorations. We know how to do it in the dining room and even in the basement, but one of the most important places is the hall, since it is the first thing visitors see when they come to our house to celebrate Christmas. Today I bring several proposals to dress the entrance of your home in a special and cozy way. Note that it’s Christmas.

The decorative style chosen

The first thing I propose is that your receiver follow the decorative style chosen for the rest of the house. That is consistent with other ornaments. For example, if you bet a Nordic Christmas at the entrance of the house, you can put details in white and some wood, for example, or if you go by what industry, you can put metal objects that serve as a preview of the rest those things you see inside.

christmas hall decoration ideas

Christmas tree in the lobby

Although it is customary to place the Christmas tree in the living room, a way to welcome your visits is doing it with a tree installed in the hall. If you have little room can be a small one, you can put up the furniture you have in the entrance, for example. In addition, if you have more space you can put even a large one below fit all the gifts…. Continue reading “Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas”