Ideas for space under the window

Do you also have to make do with living in a few square meters floor? Do not worry! Believe it or not, there are many tricks you can implement to make your small house becomes a comfortable, practical and aesthetically appealing. One of the keys is to make the most of the meters available, including those gaps that we often forget. Among them are the spaces beneath the windows, we can take advantage of multiple forms.

Today we want to give you eight interesting ideas to take advantage of the gap left by the window. Would you like to join us? You’d make sure you will not regret it!

Work or study area

First, we propose to take advantage of any window of your home to create an area of work or study. Thus, not only you can take advantage of a forgotten corner, but you can use the light naturally, which is most suitable for work and to study. All you have to do is place a table right under the window. You can also create it yourself using a table and easels or a simple shelf.

space under the window

Another good option is to take place windows as a shelf, which can give multiple uses, always depending on the size of it and the place in which it is placed. For example, a large shelf can serve as a desk. On the other hand, which they are narrower can serve to place some decorative objects such as vases or plants. The idea of the shelf is excellent for windows that have radiators underneath. Continue reading “Ideas for space under the window”