How Color Psychology Can Make a Home Happier

Color Psychology

If you are often stressed in your living room or have trouble falling asleep in your room, I have some good news it may not be you. It may just be time to reconsider the color on the walls. Color can affect our emotional state. While there are no set rules for the tone you should have in your room, the color you choose should match the tone you want to set. Is the kitchen your space to cook and meditate? Use soft tones and pastels. Does your entertainment area need life? Use bright red stripes.

Color Psychology

Entrance door

If you want to celebrate: Enter unexpected bursts of color here and there in the form of orange polka dots to put your guests in the mood to celebrate as they enter the door. If you want a calmer environment use neutral and white grays. In a lobby leading to saturated color spaces the contrast will attract visitors to the next room.


If you want to relax: A bright pink bedroom is both relaxing and romantic. If you want more drama: Paint the bedroom in dark gray and navy blue.

Living room

If you want to keep the peace: Wear a relaxing and sophisticated navy blue. If you want more humor: Choose the playful pink color or the orange color.


If you want to add a little spark: A vibrant red bathes energy to a kitchen that is normally a hub of activity. If you want more peace of mind: Use light shades of blue or mint green.

Dining room

If you want to smile more: Use a deep yellow. If you want more elegance, use plum and pink shades.


If you want to stay calm: Use a subtle gray which provides an environment similar to a relaxing spa. If you want more comfort explore the bathrooms in rich warm tones like burnt orange or purple.


If you want to be inspired: Choose a dark green accent wall watching this color can spark creativity.

If you want more joy: Choose a yellow work space. If you want to be more imaginative: Use a blue-green paint that inspires inventive thoughts and makes a striking background. If you want a greater focus try a clean white work space to reduce distractions.