Create open spaces in the kitchen

spaces in the kitchen

The benefits of an integrated kitchen in the living room or open to the dining room are important. Winning in comfort and in turn in amplitude can be the definitive solution. When we find narrow kitchens in which only one wall side can be furnished. It is fundamental to be able to open them to another space in which the environments meet and create areas that are more comfortable. The options are easy without our pocket to tremble much, although a reform carries certain unavoidable expenses. We suggest several suggestions for this decorative decision.

spaces in the kitchen

Having a kitchen open to the living room saves us doors and the closing and opening of these or moving us the house from one room to another. The current trend in interior design is to unify these rooms by creating an area for different purposes. Everything is comfort when in the same area the family joins and becomes life in common.

Extend kitchen with laundry room

Hands to work, throw aluminum closures, small walls or partitions, generate more natural light and in turn the linear space is expanded. Visually the kitchen will look bigger even if the meters are the same as always. If the area of ​​washing or dried by necessity has to remain in the laundry can be distributed in another way and in the kitchen, we will get a very interesting office space where you can eat.

That yes this is the requirement that more cost can take. It is possible to get good prices for specific and limited reforms, removing an aluminum fastener are a limited and not excessive expenditure. In these spaces that extend to the laundry room you can create cozy dining rooms full of charm and decorate them using washable paper for the walls or simply painted in current colors . We can also play with different tones to the kitchen to highlight our new corner.

Unify the kitchen with the living room

If our living room adjoins, the kitchen is a good option to unify both rooms where today there is a separating wall. You can get a dining area that makes visual and unique distinction for the two rooms. The kitchen will have more luminosity and amplitude. We sacrificed a wall and a side that perhaps had furniture and we will get a wide and open space.

The cut in the ground should not be a big problem since nowadays we have laminated floors of click or vinyl that will unify the whole common room. Large carpets can help us in these circumstances. The usual houses have toilet and bathroom normally. If one of them borders the kitchen we have an extra space and recurrent from where to acquire a few meters of more.

To enlarge the kitchen widening it and moving the furniture towards the new wall is a good option this creates a special width in this and we can include a dining area. Another is to leave the same space and where before there was a partition include a bar or table with chairs. Although we will sacrifice a bath, we will gain space in areas frequently used and where there is usually more than one person.

Throw partitions gently

Sometimes it is interesting to leave a small wall that visually differentiates the boundary of one zone with another. In addition, being thus the environments are formed open equally. The presence of a small separating and minimal partition appears as the starting and ending point of a space that in turn is unique.