How to Clean Carpet Stains

General wear and tear along with spills can cause stains on carpets. Cleaning these small areas is easy with a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to clean carpet stains and prevent them from being worn or damaged.

How to Clean Carpet Stains

Begin by removing any excess solids or spillage from the surface of the carpet. ┬áMoisten the area with a small amount of water. Unless you are sure, it will not affect the stain use cold water instead of hot. If the area is large and fill a bucket with water and apply with a damp cloth. If the area is small, a spray bottle works well. Continue reading “How to Clean Carpet Stains”

How to make tiles not slip

A slippery tile either because it is damp or simply because its surface is too smooth can become dangerous causing falls and injuries. In spite of its generousness this is a fact that occurs too frequently being many people that every day have to be attended by falls and slips in their own house.

How to make tiles not slip

Although regulations exist that regulate the materials that must be used in the new constructions to avoid that can occur situations of this type, in old buildings and worn by the passage of the time yes that there are tiled floors that can put at risk the physical integrity Of the people who step on them. Continue reading “How to make tiles not slip”

Ways to remodel a house to make it modern

We are going to see some ways to remodel our house to become modern. We will know the designs and architectural styles of contemporary structures that will allow making the necessary changes in the facade and the interior of the house. As well as the domestic equipment to have a house that goes along with the times that runs.

remodel a house

Straight lines of design, constructive elements like the stone wood and exposed brick in the facade roof semi plane. Houses that are loaded with unnecessary adornments have already gone out of fashion modern houses are characterized by having a “clean” design of simple lines. We could even consider them as minimalist style where less is more. In interior design you can also use this concept choose simple furniture and construction finishes with simple designs. Continue reading “Ways to remodel a house to make it modern”

How to Upholster Your Bed Headboard

The bedroom is always more elegant if our bed has a headboard you will see that if you do not have one. You put one you will capture all the eyes of all those people who see your bedroom. The result can be very different depending on the fabric you use but this has to adapt to the decoration of your bedroom.

How to Upholster

Remove the headboard from your bed or buy a wood that makes the dimensions of the width of the bed or a little more. So that it comes out on both sides of your bed and make it look bigger. Mark the measurements above the foam. These have to be the same as those of the table plus five centimeters on each side of the table. It has to be bigger than the table where we are going to put it because the foam has to cover a whole face of the table and a piece of the opposite side as if it embraced the board. Continue reading “How to Upholster Your Bed Headboard”

Homemade Cleansers to Make Your Kitchen Glow

Say goodbye to aggressive cleaning agents and welcome natural sprays that are just as effective (if not better) at removing dirt and grime. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own kitchen cleaning products using some simple products you already have at home.

Homemade Cleansers

Baking soda: Used to clean and deodorize surfaces. Soap of Castile it is a soap of vegetal origin and based of oil used as a natural cleaning agent. Citrus: The shells of oranges, lemons and grapefruits have a natural property called limonene which helps to cut through oily residue and leave your home with a fresh and clean smell. These products are not only safe and effective but they also save you money especially for those who are on a budget. Continue reading “Homemade Cleansers to Make Your Kitchen Glow”

Tips for Reforming the Kitchen

If you want to reform the kitchen and you do not know very well what aspects to take into account, read on and I will tell you the most important for the changes to be a success. Reforming the kitchen is almost essential in many cases especially if the floor is old, as it should be modernized to adapt to the new times. Embarking on this project can be very tedious and cause a great investment, but certainly worth it as the results will be spectacular and you can enjoy them for many years.

Reforming the Kitchen

Reforming the kitchen

If you know how to choose each thing and what aspects you should keep in mind to get it right, you will certainly be able to reform the kitchen with success. It is important to organize the project well in order to spend as little as possible, especially when large electricity or plumbing works. Continue reading “Tips for Reforming the Kitchen”

Living in the winter this makes it warm

In winter it is the best inside. With these residential ideas you can now conjure up a warm and cozy atmosphere in no time. A crackling fire steaming tea and a good book nothing more is needed for the perfect afternoon in January with the exception of a few cozy living ideas. If you like your straight-lined built-in fireplace but you do not want to miss rustic accents you have to install a decorative beam on the wall of the fireplace. Looks quaint and offers lots of storage space.

Living in the winter

Sure, light is the key to defying dark days. Sometimes, however, it may be a little more than just candlelight for example this snowy mini-landscape in the lantern. All you need for this are stumped ornaments some cones animal porcelain figures artificial snow and ribbon. Continue reading “Living in the winter this makes it warm”

Fireplace and tiled stove for home

From electric tiled storage rooms to modern technology, we have more experience in the fireplace and tiled stove. The technology introduced in 2008 is the culmination of the development of low-pollutant and environmentally friendly chimneys and stoves. We developed this technology in close collaboration with the. The impressive result from this cooperation is up to 40% less wood consumption compared to conventional fires with the same heat output.

fire protection systems

Fit for the future

Another focus is becoming increasingly important is the integration of fireplaces in the central heating system. The secret of success lies in the control of the different heat generators and their combination. Here, we can rightly claim to have created a perfect symbiosis. Modern tube collectors in combination with a water-bearing chimney insert supplement the heating system and provide a cost effective and future proof energy mix. Continue reading “Fireplace and tiled stove for home”

Modern house facade and design

Designing a modern two-store house where the upper volume seems to float in the air this bold design is due to the complex configuration of the terrain height difference of almost 4 meters which makes the main entrance is on the second floor for with an atypical solution.

Modern house

Contemporary house facade volume

The second level has a significant float to achieve it had to do counterweight in the bases. This house is surrounded by an excellent landscape which allows the architect to orient the visuals in virtually any direction taking into account the sunny and air direction for the placement of exterior windows and doors. Modern house elevation located on a slope. Due to the unevenness of the ground due to its location on the hill it had to be made the main access on the second floor. Continue reading “Modern house facade and design”

Color combinations to paint the bedroom

Our house is the reflection of ourselves. That is why we must take care of every detail. The colors are the basis of the decoration, so we will start with them. Colors influence our emotions and cause different effects, so we must choose them with special attention.

In addition, because the bedroom is the most intimate and personal room in the house, the combination of colors is crucial to achieve a cozy bedroom that favors rest. We help you choose the combination of colors to paint a bedroom magazine.

bathroom color combinations

Colors for an elegant, warm and bright bedroom

If your bedroom is small and light and spaciousness want to win ideally trust white infallible. Bright, versatile and timeless, the white conveys serenity and produces an optical effect that helps to expand the space. Continue reading “Color combinations to paint the bedroom”