Ideas for space under the window

Do you also have to make do with living in a few square meters floor? Do not worry! Believe it or not, there are many tricks you can implement to make your small house becomes a comfortable, practical and aesthetically appealing. One of the keys is to make the most of the meters available, including those gaps that we often forget. Among them are the spaces beneath the windows, we can take advantage of multiple forms.

Today we want to give you eight interesting ideas to take advantage of the gap left by the window. Would you like to join us? You’d make sure you will not regret it!

Work or study area

First, we propose to take advantage of any window of your home to create an area of work or study. Thus, not only you can take advantage of a forgotten corner, but you can use the light naturally, which is most suitable for work and to study. All you have to do is place a table right under the window. You can also create it yourself using a table and easels or a simple shelf.

space under the window

Another good option is to take place windows as a shelf, which can give multiple uses, always depending on the size of it and the place in which it is placed. For example, a large shelf can serve as a desk. On the other hand, which they are narrower can serve to place some decorative objects such as vases or plants. The idea of the shelf is excellent for windows that have radiators underneath. Continue reading “Ideas for space under the window”

Tips for decorating a baby’s room

If it is difficult for adults to decorate a room and get it to fit our needs, imagine doing for a baby! In our blog why we want to help and share with you some tips to help you furnish and decorate their first room.

Aesthetics, safety and comfort are some of the aspects that we must consider. Decorate the ideal place for your baby is comfortable and safe from their first days of life environment.

Baby needs

It is no secret that the domestic environment influences our children. Therefore, we must ensure that the room smaller suits your needs.

First of all, we must consider the needs of the baby. During l he first months, babies react to sounds and move their head to find out everything that happens around them. Also they put their hands in their mouths, follow objects with his eyes, grab things and roll on themselves.

decorating a baby's room

Protector crib

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cot protector to protect your arms and hands from the bars and other elements. In this sense, we should not add any decorative accessory which can be dangerous near the crib. Ideally, place those elements in shelves, shelves or in cabinets, well away from the crib. Continue reading “Tips for decorating a baby’s room”

Colors combined with pink decoration

It is said that pink is corny, too feminine and childish, but the truth is that it has always worked in decoration, among other things because it enhances tenderness, delicacy and voluptuousness, also evoke the most pleasant environments. As if that were not enough, it is a color that helps us ward off negative thoughts. Yes, it is important that you consider that not all roses act the same way. So while the lighter they are ideal to recreate soft and warm atmosphere, intense are perfect for contemporary settings.

If you want to decorate your home with pink, we recommend you to be very attentive to what we tell you then, as we will propose various colors that combine well with him. Would you like to join us?

pink decorations

Pink and white

How could it be otherwise, we have to start talking about the white, which combines with all kinds of colors. Both the pink and white are bright colors, so combined will allow you to recreate bright environments. Typically in these cases it is that the target will become the main color of the room, using the only rose for details decorative, although it is not a bad idea to use a wall or piece of furniture. For example, a pink lounge sofa can be spectacular. Of course, it is not necessary question of pure white. Continue reading “Colors combined with pink decoration”

How to decorate the sofa with cushions

The power of the textiles is simply fascinating. Even the most discreet and boring room come alive by adding a few pieces, such as cushions, plaids, curtains or carpets.

In addition to dress warmly any environment, textiles allow us to renew the look of our room and create contrasts of color that bring dynamism to the environment. A good example of this is found on the couch. What would this piece without the decorative pillows? We won in style and comfort. In this article you will find the key to decorate the sofa with cushions.

decorate sofa with cushions

From the outside in

Contrary to what many people think, decoration experts recommend we place the pads starting from the outside and inside. In this regard, it should place the smaller front seats and the biggest in the background, as a basis for the whole set. As if it was a pyramid. Continue reading “How to decorate the sofa with cushions”

Blinds for children’s rooms

Are you going to have a baby and you have to decorate your room? Are you thinking about changing the room air your child? Well, you should be very clear that when decorating a child’s bedroom is essential that each piece of furniture, complement and decorative object that is for him to help create a space dedicated both to rest as creativity and imagination. Of course, we also mean those accessories that are used to cover windows curtains, blinds, Japanese panels.

We know who are the forgotten of these rooms, but the fact is playing a very important role, that protect kids from outside light and prying eyes. Of course, also greatly they influence aesthetically. Today we want to encourage you probably go for the blinds that as will tell you then offer numerous advantages. In addition, we will explain where you can get them. Would you like to join us?

child room decor

Advantages of the blinds in children’s rooms

First, we talk about all the advantages of the blinds in children’s rooms. For example, you should know that take up much less space than traditional curtains, which can come in handy in rooms with few square meters, which are the most common today. Of course, from our point of view, it is best that by not specify flight or flyers (fall straight on the window), do not accumulate dust in the folds. Of course, this does not mean that the blinds are simple and boring. Continue reading “Blinds for children’s rooms”

Decorate a party in black and white

When organizing a party, whether for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween or any other kind of celebration, it is very important that you consider the decor, as in the first to be set your guests will be in the elements decorative. Moreover, a first impression of your party, you already know that is what counts, depending on the decoration of the place will be. Therefore, you must choose the colors thoroughly.

The main thing is that you probably go for color combinations that fit with what you want to represent. So, if you want to question an elegant and sophisticated party, an excellent option is to opt for white and black, a combination that never goes out of fashion and that can deliver fantastic results. Today we give some ideas to decorate a party black & white. Would you like to join us?

party decorations black and white

All kinds of parties

As I just discussed, white and black are two colors to decorate parties recommended, especially if you want to achieve a simple but elegant atmosphere. Although you can use only these two colors, you can also include strokes in other vibrant hues. In any case, the important thing is to find enough details in these two colors for decoration party do not seem boring. Even the invitations for your guests will be themed black & white. Continue reading “Decorate a party in black and white”

5 Mistakes to decorate with rugs

Carpets are a classic decor. Besides adding warmth to the rooms, carpets decorate, renew the look of the rooms and put a touch of color. We all have a carpet at home; some serve a practical function and other help however we put the touch of style. Decorate with rugs seems easy, but despite everything we usually make some mistakes that detract from the beauty and functionality to these parts. Therefore, we want to share with you the most common mistakes when decorating with rugs.

1. Do not focus carpet

Decoration experts remind us that carpets should always be centered about something. For example, with the front door, with coffee table lounge, with desk or the couch.

In this sense, it also should be noted that the carpet should be neither too far nor too close to the wall. Experts recommend us to maintain a distance of about 2 meters, approximately.

decorate with rugs

2. Choose a carpet too large

The first thing to be clear is that the furniture and accessories seem smaller when we see them in the store. Have you ever happened to you? Like a piece of furniture trade it seemed small, but then at home occupies more surface area and has more volume than you imagined. Continue reading “5 Mistakes to decorate with rugs”

Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace

When winter approaches, the fireplace becomes the great protagonist of the decoration, the living room, bedroom or dining room. The fireplace is a privilege that is not available to all households, because to have it at home must meet certain requirements. Among them, we need a vent.

If you want to boast fireplaces, but without making works, we give you the keys that you need to know. Discover how to create and decorate a fake fireplace, as stylish as cozy.

A framework fireplace and lots of imagination

To create a faux fireplace only need a stack frame that we must place against the wall of any room, in the living room, the bedroom or dining room.

In specialized stores you will find a wide variety of frames and chimney liners, which need neither work nor any installation. As simple as placing this frame built into the wall and then decorates it as we want.

decorating a fake fireplace

Candles and more candles

Already have placed the frame on the wall? In that case it is time to decorate our faux fireplace. If you want to imitate a real fireplace in we recommend placing inside a group of candles of different sizes. Continue reading “Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace”

Tiles to renovate the stairs

If your stairs are old or have become somewhat outdated and needed a new look, here is a simple, easy and economical way to give it a more modern.

The stairs are the absolute protagonists of a house that has them. First thing that attracts attention on entering the home or stay where you are. That is why the decoration of the stairs is very important.

here are infinite possibilities within your power to renew the stairs. Possibilities are ranging from simple ideas to complicated and expensive works. What propose here is a simple idea, easy to implement and also economical.


The idea is basically to renew the stairs decorating them with beautiful and colorful tiles. Tiles will be placed only on the front of the steps. Continue reading “Tiles to renovate the stairs”