Practical systems to hang curtains at home

curtains at home

They tint the light that comes in from the outside help us to preserve our privacy and hide the views when they are not evocative but quite the opposite. The curtains are an element that is essential in many occasions. Today we tell you how you can hang curtains in your windows following different systems.

curtains at home

Hang bar inspire curtains

We would all like to have in our living room a large window overlooking the sea. However, if we live in ordinary and gritty urban enclaves, the most common is that from our windows you can see streets, avenue and city spaces. To hide them, it is best to hang curtains that hide the views when they are not pleasant.

But there are other reasons why it is more than appropriate to hang curtains at home. If the orientation of your home faces south, or you live in a hot and sunny place you may have to control the amount of light entering through the windows. To achieve this, the curtains are a wise choice.

It may happen that you do not want your neighbors to be continuous witnesses of the things you do at home. Good curtains or simple, curious-proof curtains are best for preserving your privacy. In addition, as there are different ways to hang curtains, today we are going to explain you three different systems so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Different ways to hang curtains

If you have decided to hang curtains on the windows of your house, you will have to decide which system you are going to install them. You have several options within your reach and all are relatively simple to put into practice. Depending on the system you choose, you will need more or less fabric for the curtains although the differences are minimal. Below we will briefly review each of the ways to hang the curtains.

Of the three hanging curtain systems, we are going to explain below, the bars are the one I find most decorative. You can choose between different types, materials and styles, and complete the bar with rings and matching terminals. The bars are fastened by means of special supports that are fixed with blocks and screws to the wall or to the ceiling. You can choose one location or another depending on the space available next to the window or the preferences of each.

There are bars of different materials to hang curtains wood, forge, steel, etc with different finishes (painted, glossy, matt finish, aged effect, etc. If you want to hang a curtain and curtain (or curtain falls on the sides) you can do it by installing a double bar. These are two bars, one for each of the elements, which are held with a double stand. A system is more discreet than the bars to hang curtains. They are thinner bars that hold the curtains, especially in small windows. They are used very frequently in kitchens and bathrooms