White kitchen connected to the living room

Today we enter a house in which spaces are fused discreetly open and natural. There is a clear renunciation of accessory elements, relying all on the beauty of furniture defined by the purity of lines a good example. On this simplicity are laid the foundations of a harmonious and serene environment, designed to succeed or overlap, moments of intense task with others of leisure and disconnection.

kitchen connected to the living room

The absence of visual obstacles favors the interaction between users who can share moments even when they do not share the same zone. It also promotes natural light access to the last corner of the plantĀ consisting of kitchen living room and dining room. The white color dominates the interior and reinforces this factor generating a light and ethereal atmosphere in which it is very easy to put aside the haste and the stress. Here the only important thing is to be at ease to enjoy in company of what is done in every moment even when what is done is to work. Continue reading “White kitchen connected to the living room”