Color combinations to paint the bedroom

Our house is the reflection of ourselves. That is why we must take care of every detail. The colors are the basis of the decoration, so we will start with them. Colors influence our emotions and cause different effects, so we must choose them with special attention.

In addition, because the bedroom is the most intimate and personal room in the house, the combination of colors is crucial to achieve a cozy bedroom that favors rest. We help you choose the combination of colors to paint a bedroom magazine.

bathroom color combinations

Colors for an elegant, warm and bright bedroom

If your bedroom is small and light and spaciousness want to win ideally trust white infallible. Bright, versatile and timeless, the white conveys serenity and produces an optical effect that helps to expand the space. Continue reading “Color combinations to paint the bedroom”

How to Upholster a Chair Step by Step

More and more people are throwing away old or worn-out objects and furniture, as there are now many who choose to give them a new life. In this way, two important things are achieved: contribute to the maintenance of the environment and save some euros. In addition, it is that reuse old parts means not having to buy new.

Among the pieces of furniture that can be given a new life, chairs stand out. In addition, it is that just Upholstery will achieve that look new. If you thought to renovate the chairs of your dining room or any other space in your home, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you below, since today we are going to tell you how to upholster chairs step by step. Would you like to join us?

upholster a chair

Remove old upholstery

The first step in upholstering a chair is to remove the old upholstery. To do this, first you will have to disassemble the pieces that you want to upholster (seat, backrest, arms …). Once you have released these pieces, you will have to remove the staples or tacks that kept the fabric glued to the base of the chair. If its tacks, what you will have to do is place a chisel under each and tap the edge with a wooden mallet, pushing the bra up. Continue reading “How to Upholster a Chair Step by Step”

By the big door: keys to a well-used lobby

The bad thing about first impressions is that we can only have one. Something that also happens with the decoration of the house. The entrance or entrance is the letter of introduction of our house; therefore, we must not neglect it, since it says a lot about us.

The problem is that the receivers are usually small and dark environments, difficult to decorate. To help you, we have selected some ideas of experts in interior design and decoration that could help you to get a hall well used.

lobby decoration ideas

The shape of the hall

Before you, start decorating the hall must take into account the shape of this space (rectangular, elongated, square …). It is about finding the perfect layout that allows us to take advantage of all the space.

If it helps, you can draw a small plane on paper that will allow you to locate all those corners and areas especially difficult to decorate. Think about what kind of furniture or accessory will make up for you more in each area of the hall. An umbrella stand, a console, a coat rack, a bench or a…?

Delimits the space

It is clear that distribution is of vital importance in any environment of the house but above all, in the hall. Often the entrance or the hall usually shares space with other rooms, such as the hall, the living room or the dining room, so we must properly delimit these environments.

A highly recommended complement in this environment is the carpet. It allows us to protect the floor of the entrance, prevents dirt from home, it brings warmth and well decorated with style.

Illuminates the hall

Another aspect of great importance in the hall is the lighting. This space is usually quite small and dark, compared to other rooms in the house. Therefore, we should play well with light, placing different points of light throughout the hall, especially in those areas that need more attention because they are virtually in the dark or because they are the most used. For example, the entrance mirror, the bench, the coat rack, the closet…

Furthermore, if we win warmth in the hall with the help of light, a good idea is directed toward the ceiling fixtures. Screen lamps are also another great solution as they provide warmer lighting.

Without resorting to lamps, many other tricks help us gain light in a dark hall. Some good ideas that can inspire you are the furniture with mirror effect, the glass doors, light colors and mirrors located at points that reflect light (artificial or natural).

Choose practical and multifunctional parts

The multifunctional furniture is basic in the decoration of the hall. For example, a practical bench space inside storage. Another element that should not be missing in this environment is the coat rack, whether standing or wall.

Nor should we lose sight of the cobblers, perfect to organize and prevent dirt from entering the house. In addition, we can use this unit to place other very practical accessories in the hall: the. This piece is useful to leave the keys when you get home, correspondence … And last but not least, it is an accessory that decorates.

As far as distribution is concerned, it is important that when placing each of these elements leave enough space to be able to move throughout the environment. The experts in decoration recommend us leave about 90 centimeters free to be able to move without problems.

How to Decorate Small Kitchens

If we had to choose a space of the house as the most difficult to decorate, we would undoubtedly choose the kitchen. Unlike other rooms in the house, technical issues limit the decoration and distribution of the kitchen.

Therefore, taking advantage of every available meter is not always easy. Anyway, we want to help and so we present a series of ideas to help you optimize small kitchens s, without compromising on aesthetics.

decorate small kitchens

Distribute and conquer

Before choosing the furniture and choosing the colors and the style, we must have clear distribution. This is essential to optimize space to the maximum. In addition, for this, we must take into account the shape of the kitchen (square, rectangular, elongated …). Continue reading “How to Decorate Small Kitchens”

The light was made! Ideas for a brighter kitchen

Although difficult to believe, small details often make the difference and make important changes. Something that we can perfectly apply to the world of decoration.

For example, did you know that with small and simple gestures we can gain light in the kitchen, without having to do works or introduce more lamps and points of light in the environment? If you want to discover how to decorate a bright kitchen, takes good note.

Blinds and curtains

Without resorting to artificial light, natural is the great ally when it comes to decorating a bright kitchen. Therefore, We suggest giving greater prominence to the windows.

brighter kitchen

To take full advantage of natural light, nothing better than opting for blinds. We can regulate them and adapt them to our needs, allowing more or less light to pass through the windows. Continue reading “The light was made! Ideas for a brighter kitchen”

Keys to organize with drawers

The drawers are essential staples in any home. Solutions, in order so frequently, that we do not usually give them the attention they deserve. However, drawers help us do magic at home and keep the spaces neat.

We know some tricks and ideas to decorate and organize with drawers. For sometimes more is less, discover the keys to a house in order with the help of drawers.

What do we mean? To those furniture, sideboards, cabinets or showcases that usually offer open and visible order solutions, compared to other closed such as drawers and doors.

organize with drawersThis furniture is a great ally of the decoration and order. Take advantage of the drawers to store the less used items that are less aesthetic. And for the shelves or solutions in open order reserve the most beautiful pieces to create aesthetic compositions to help you decorate. You can also take advantage of the order in sight to place all those items that you use more daily and, therefore, you need to have on hand. Continue reading “Keys to organize with drawers”

Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas

We days watching thoughts to create a beautiful Christmas decorations. We know how to do it in the dining room and even in the basement, but one of the most important places is the hall, since it is the first thing visitors see when they come to our house to celebrate Christmas. Today I bring several proposals to dress the entrance of your home in a special and cozy way. Note that it’s Christmas.

The decorative style chosen

The first thing I propose is that your receiver follow the decorative style chosen for the rest of the house. That is consistent with other ornaments. For example, if you bet a Nordic Christmas at the entrance of the house, you can put details in white and some wood, for example, or if you go by what industry, you can put metal objects that serve as a preview of the rest those things you see inside.

christmas hall decoration ideas

Christmas tree in the lobby

Although it is customary to place the Christmas tree in the living room, a way to welcome your visits is doing it with a tree installed in the hall. If you have little room can be a small one, you can put up the furniture you have in the entrance, for example. In addition, if you have more space you can put even a large one below fit all the gifts…. Continue reading “Ideas to decorate the hall at Christmas”

How to take advantage of windows

The windows are our link with the outside. In addition to filling light inside our house, the windows also flood of life and beauty spaces. Although at first glance may be easy to decorate the house windows, there are actually a few tricks to keep in mind to maximize this space. Discover how to take advantage of home windows.

Windows with light or dark

The windows connect us with the outside brightness and fill our spaces. But what can we do when through them barely light enters? Then dress her stylish to highlight this space. Perhaps a double curtain, decorative curtain holders, blinds…

advantage of windows

But if the window comes lots of light, a good trick is to paint decorative wall a somewhat dark and white joinery details. The result is a color contrast that oozes style.

Large windows or small

If the window is large you can place a double glass that insulates the house from cold and heat, both summer and winter. In addition to the large amount of light that enters them, large windows have another important advantage: they are incredibly decorative. Therefore, we can allow them the luxury of recharging and decorate with lots of details, such as with a nice wooden frame. Continue reading “How to take advantage of windows”

Decorating trends winter 2016-2017

Perhaps now you are focused on your home decor for Christmas 2016, but you cannot forget that after the holidays, there will still be much winter ahead. Therefore, it is important that you get abreast of the trends of the moment in decoration so you can make your house continues to be fashionable.

Logically, it is not necessary to change the decor of your home completely each time you start each season. Yes, yes we recommend making small changes to those ratitos you spend at home (in winter are more abundant), you can be as comfortable as possible. To lend a hand, we will explain what the decorative trends that will prevail during the coldest months of the year are. Would you like to join us?

2017 winter trends


How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about the colors, as I have said on numerous occasions, have much influence on our mood. In addition, they are able to change the perception of space. The first thing to know is that the combination black-white will remain trend. Continue reading “Decorating trends winter 2016-2017”

Christmas decoration in silver

Have you not still your home decorated for Christmas 2016? Well, the best you can do is be very attentive to what we tell you then! In addition, today let us focus on one of the colors typical of this time of year also is gaining more and more popularity. We are referring to silver, which will help you give your home a touch of glamor and elegance.

As we will tell you in more detail below, silver is a very versatile color that can blend seamlessly with many other colors. In addition, although the ideal is to introduce in the rooms in small doses, you can base your Christmas decorations in this color. We want to give you some tips and ideas to achieve a silver Christmas decorations. In addition, using the occasion, we will show you many images that you can serve as inspiration. Would you like to join us?

christmas decorations

Silver Christmas trees

The first thing we say is that today you can find in the market Christmas trees come with leaves in shades silver . Yes! Yes! As you are reading! Therefore, if you spend this year opting for the typical green tree and white trees not convince you, you can be a fantastic idea that will probably go for this option. Under these lines you two examples of what you just commenting. Continue reading “Christmas decoration in silver”