Practical systems to hang curtains at home

They tint the light that comes in from the outside help us to preserve our privacy and hide the views when they are not evocative but quite the opposite. The curtains are an element that is essential in many occasions. Today we tell you how you can hang curtains in your windows following different systems.

curtains at home

Hang bar inspire curtains

We would all like to have in our living room a large window overlooking the sea. However, if we live in ordinary and gritty urban enclaves, the most common is that from our windows you can see streets, avenue and city spaces. To hide them, it is best to hang curtains that hide the views when they are not pleasant. Continue reading “Practical systems to hang curtains at home”

White kitchen connected to the living room

Today we enter a house in which spaces are fused discreetly open and natural. There is a clear renunciation of accessory elements, relying all on the beauty of furniture defined by the purity of lines a good example. On this simplicity are laid the foundations of a harmonious and serene environment, designed to succeed or overlap, moments of intense task with others of leisure and disconnection.

kitchen connected to the living room

The absence of visual obstacles favors the interaction between users who can share moments even when they do not share the same zone. It also promotes natural light access to the last corner of the plant consisting of kitchen living room and dining room. The white color dominates the interior and reinforces this factor generating a light and ethereal atmosphere in which it is very easy to put aside the haste and the stress. Here the only important thing is to be at ease to enjoy in company of what is done in every moment even when what is done is to work. Continue reading “White kitchen connected to the living room”

Ideas to renovate your house without doing works

It is possible that you are thinking of renovating your house. That you are leaving for later because of the lack of budget because you think that if you cannot invest you can not renew and this is not so you will simply have to sharpen the ingenuity empower Your creativity so that your house has a new style without the need to throw partitions. Taking into account the walls, floor and some accessories will be more than enough.

renovate your house

The walls of a room are the soul of it so it is very important that you know how to decorate them. Do you have them in white and have you bored? You must know that the colors have a direct influence on the mood of the people so it is advisable to choose colors according to the style you want to have in your rooms and take into account that depending on each one of them you must choose a color or another. You can also choose wallpaper what makes you feel better! Continue reading “Ideas to renovate your house without doing works”

DIY tips to save energy this winter

Tips for saving energy and having an efficient home abound in the network. However, all too often these recommendations focus on the choice of appliances and lighting, or the use we must give our air conditioning system. What can we do if we want to make our home truly efficient from a constructive point of view?

DIY tips to save energy

Today we are going to talk precisely about how we can make our home and not only is what inside it efficient which will not only help us save money, but also provide us with the great satisfaction of having a home more respectful of the environment. Continue reading “DIY tips to save energy this winter”

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom?

There are moments in our life that we realize that our house needs some reform to adapt it to the new times or simply to make it more functional. Within this world of renovations the bathroom is usually one of the parts of the house that most changes suffer. When making changes in the bathroom it seeks to improve the benefits but also reduce the expense mainly in water.

remodeling your bathroom

Changing the bathtub by a shower tray is usually one of the most demanded solutions. With this fact we managed to optimize the space while at the same time obtaining a series of advantages that bathtubs cannot provide us. The question is which shower dish is the most suitable? Today we want to talk about resin shower trays and the advantages they can offer. Continue reading “Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom?”

How Color Psychology Can Make a Home Happier

If you are often stressed in your living room or have trouble falling asleep in your room, I have some good news it may not be you. It may just be time to reconsider the color on the walls. Color can affect our emotional state. While there are no set rules for the tone you should have in your room, the color you choose should match the tone you want to set. Is the kitchen your space to cook and meditate? Use soft tones and pastels. Does your entertainment area need life? Use bright red stripes.

Color Psychology

Entrance door

If you want to celebrate: Enter unexpected bursts of color here and there in the form of orange polka dots to put your guests in the mood to celebrate as they enter the door. If you want a calmer environment use neutral and white grays. In a lobby leading to saturated color spaces the contrast will attract visitors to the next room. Continue reading “How Color Psychology Can Make a Home Happier”

Tropical style ideas to welcome the spring

Do you feel like winter is over and the new shiny station make its appearance? Every day that passes in this luminous month of March seems to get a little closer to the good weather and the much-desired spring. Moreover, is that although there are still days cold and gray the winter is giving its last twitches.

Tropical style deco ideas

It happens to me. Every year when the month of March begins, I am already looking forward to having the stellar spring make its appearance. When the month is ending, those desires become a real yearning. I need the good weather already. I need the most flowery station of the year to arrive now to stay. To brighten the wait, here are some suggestions of decoration that will help you put a special air at home. This way you can receive the spring, as it deserves. Continue reading “Tropical style ideas to welcome the spring”

How to Clean Carpet Stains

General wear and tear along with spills can cause stains on carpets. Cleaning these small areas is easy with a few simple steps. Follow these instructions to clean carpet stains and prevent them from being worn or damaged.

How to Clean Carpet Stains

Begin by removing any excess solids or spillage from the surface of the carpet.  Moisten the area with a small amount of water. Unless you are sure, it will not affect the stain use cold water instead of hot. If the area is large and fill a bucket with water and apply with a damp cloth. If the area is small, a spray bottle works well. Continue reading “How to Clean Carpet Stains”

How to make tiles not slip

A slippery tile either because it is damp or simply because its surface is too smooth can become dangerous causing falls and injuries. In spite of its generousness this is a fact that occurs too frequently being many people that every day have to be attended by falls and slips in their own house.

How to make tiles not slip

Although regulations exist that regulate the materials that must be used in the new constructions to avoid that can occur situations of this type, in old buildings and worn by the passage of the time yes that there are tiled floors that can put at risk the physical integrity Of the people who step on them. Continue reading “How to make tiles not slip”

Ways to remodel a house to make it modern

We are going to see some ways to remodel our house to become modern. We will know the designs and architectural styles of contemporary structures that will allow making the necessary changes in the facade and the interior of the house. As well as the domestic equipment to have a house that goes along with the times that runs.

remodel a house

Straight lines of design, constructive elements like the stone wood and exposed brick in the facade roof semi plane. Houses that are loaded with unnecessary adornments have already gone out of fashion modern houses are characterized by having a “clean” design of simple lines. We could even consider them as minimalist style where less is more. In interior design you can also use this concept choose simple furniture and construction finishes with simple designs. Continue reading “Ways to remodel a house to make it modern”