Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace

When winter approaches, the fireplace becomes the great protagonist of the decoration, the living room, bedroom or dining room. The fireplace is a privilege that is not available to all households, because to have it at home must meet certain requirements. Among them, we need a vent.

If you want to boast fireplaces, but without making works, we give you the keys that you need to know. Discover how to create and decorate a fake fireplace, as stylish as cozy.

A framework fireplace and lots of imagination

To create a faux fireplace only need a stack frame that we must place against the wall of any room, in the living room, the bedroom or dining room.

In specialized stores you will find a wide variety of frames and chimney liners, which need neither work nor any installation. As simple as placing this frame built into the wall and then decorates it as we want.

decorating a fake fireplace

Candles and more candles

Already have placed the frame on the wall? In that case it is time to decorate our faux fireplace. If you want to imitate a real fireplace in we recommend placing inside a group of candles of different sizes. Continue reading “Ideas for decorating a fake fireplace”

Tiles to renovate the stairs

If your stairs are old or have become somewhat outdated and needed a new look, here is a simple, easy and economical way to give it a more modern.

The stairs are the absolute protagonists of a house that has them. First thing that attracts attention on entering the home or stay where you are. That is why the decoration of the stairs is very important.

here are infinite possibilities within your power to renew the stairs. Possibilities are ranging from simple ideas to complicated and expensive works. What propose here is a simple idea, easy to implement and also economical.


The idea is basically to renew the stairs decorating them with beautiful and colorful tiles. Tiles will be placed only on the front of the steps. Continue reading “Tiles to renovate the stairs”